• Dream

    • Dreams are essential to living a meaningful life. When we dream, we imagine a state of the world that could be, rather than what is. This enables us to create the future.

  • Myth

    • Our culture is built on myths. These range from obviously fictional narratives, to complex notions like nationhood. In a sense, myths are shared structures of the mind. Thus, the responsible construction of them is essential to advancing our civilization.

  • Independent

    • Being independent means that we as an organization are not beholden to the interests of outside ownership. We are free to act according to what we believe is right, rather than obedience to the bottom line.

  • Development

    • To develop is not limited to software. Developing simply means that we create tangible works that are of some actual benefit to the universe.

  • Team

    • Working together and cooperating on projects enables us to do more than what each of us individually could have achieved. It means that our organization is structured as flatly as possible rather than creating convoluted hierarchies of management.


Ultimately, everything comes down to The Grand Mission.


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