Star Lance

A simple game where you control a giant space laser and use it to shoot apart threats to the Earth.

Escape To The Stars

A strategy game where you have limited time to colonize a planet before an evil A.I. comes and turns it into widgets! You must gather resources to build a spaceship to escape to a different planet, and figure out a way to defeat the evil A.I.!


An online trading card game that mixes customizable cards and chess-like strategy.


Mission Control

A productivity and time management app designed for creating a hierarchical sequential to-do list with integration with your calendar on Android.



An intelligent personal assistant app that takes the persona of a maid or butler! It'll help you wake up in the mornings, and assist you in creating and following your personal schedule. Designed with the most modern psychological research into motivation and productivity in mind.


A recurrent neural network model that can learn to generate music.